CENDHY informs of the resolution of its competition for postdoctoral position

by | 2 Jul, 2020 | Press

On June 30, 2020, the ACT192144 / PIA / ANID Proyecto Anillo established at the Center for New Drugs for Hypertension (CENDHY) reports on the resolution of its public postdoctoral position contest.

After the deliberation of the Selection Committee, made up of the director of CENDHY, Dr. Javier O. Morales, the deputy director Dr. Eduardo Soto-Bustamante, and the incumbent researchers, Dr. María Paz Ocaranza and Dr. Jorge E. Jalil, after the interview phase, the decision was the selection of the candidate Dr. Osvaldo Yáñez Osses to assume the post of postdoctoral researcher at CENDHY.

As stated in the bases of the public competition, the profile of the candidate Dr. Yáñez fully complies with the requested competencies of skills in bioinformatics, molecular and computational chemistry, molecular modeling and structural prediction, and joins the CENDHY scientific team to Starting July 1, 2020 to work on the interaction of peptide candidates with relevant proteins and polymer matrices as drug delivery systems.

To find out the academic profile of CENDHY’s postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Osvaldo Yáñez Osses, visit our section “Postdoctorantes”.


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