“Nanomedicine: small solutions for giant issues”

by | 1 Sep, 2020 | Press

Webinar on “Nanomedicine: small solutions for giant issues” was presented by CENDHY director, Dr. Javier Morales Montecinos, broadcasted through the YouTube channel of Centro de Comunicación de las Ciencias from Universidad Autónoma de Chile, on Thursday, 27th of August.

Presentation of CENDHY director

Dr. Morales, associated professor at the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies Department at Facultad de Ciencias Químicas y Farmacéuticas de la Universidad de Chile, and associated researcher at the Advanced Center for Chronic Diseases (ACCDiS), was invited to present a webinar on nanomedicine, which generated great interest among the audience.

Webinar host Juan Carlos Beamin

Science communications coordinator at the Centro de Comunicación de las Ciencias, Dr. Juan Carlos Beamin, was the host of the webinar broadcasted live through their YouTube channel from 6 in the afternoon.

Watch it again on Youtube on the following link.


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CENDHY Director receives 2015 ASILFA Prize

CENDHY Director receives 2015 ASILFA Prize

Professor Javier Morales Montecinos, from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies at Faculty of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences, University of Chile, was the winner of “Premio Asilfa 2015”, given on 2016.

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