CENDHY Director receives 2015 ASILFA Prize

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Professor Javier Morales Montecinos, from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies at our Faculty, was the winner of “Premio Asilfa 2015”, given on 2016.

This prize recognizes one professional from our Faculty related to the health area who has made a contribution to the country.

Professor Morales has fulfilled in an outstanding manner the established criteria on the bases of our contest, with an outstanding profile in research, innovation, scientific productivity and acknowledgment from his peers.

Also, professor Morales has published several articles in prestigious indexed magazines, is a permanent expositor in meetings and has participated in multiple research projects, recently in the field of nanotechnology.

“The ASILFA prize allowed me an internship at the Center for Research and Development at Mega Pharma Laboratories in Montevideo, Uruguay, between June, 27th and July, 1st of 2016”, commented Prof. Morales.

This interniship’s goal was to get to know Mega Pharma’s Center of Research and Development along with the Pharmaceutical Plant installations.

Mega Pharma is a pharmaceutical industry based in Montevideo with an international reach, developing drugs for distribution in most of Latin America. Its Fabrication Plant and Center of R+D have a considerable size for the rapid obtention of numerous batches.

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